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3 Phases To

Revealing Your

Authentic Style

By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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CHALLENGE Yourself to:

IMPLEMENT STYLE 101 Into Your Lifestyle

When it comes to style, have you ever been somewhere and noticed someone who entered the room that caught your attention in a mesmerizing way? Perhaps they exuded the "it-factor" with complete confidence in their appearance from head to toe. Or perhaps they walked across the room like a fashion model strutting a catwalk, wearing a pair of shoes that were, "so totally you." Or perhaps their choice in beverage or meal looked so intriguingly mouthwatering and delicious, and you eventually found yourself saying, "I'll have what they're having." 

Better still, have your ever visited someone's home that was absolutely stunning, where one noticeably beautiful detail led you to yet another one and you just had to follow the trail? Perhaps you could spot from a mile away that the home's overall layout, decor and theme had the homeowner's name practically written all over it. Or perhaps their choice in colors, textures and fabrics were something you never would have thought of yourself, yet their furniture and accessories complimented so well, as if featured in a magazine or staged in a showroom. 

And likewise, have you ever been pleasantly surprised at how some people interact with others personally and professionally in a certain way? Perhaps you've met someone that had a special way with spoken or written words that were expressed with such charisma and charm. Or perhaps you've met someone that seemed to flow with such grace and ease, whether under extreme pressure or in the midst or their normal daily routine.

All in all, these are descriptions of one's style. Sometimes we can admire the style we see in others, not believing that we have our own sense of style. And for the record, we all have some form of style -- it's just a matter of awareness and how we express our individual style. 

What is style?

Style is defined as, a manner of doing something; a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed; design or make in a particular form; designate with a particular name, description, or title.

Your style is reflective in how and the way in which you do things, including your appearance -- with the clothes, shoes and accessories you wear. Your style is seen in the way you choose to decorate and keep up your home. Your style is represented through the way in which you market and brand your personal and professional image and business.

Do you believe you have no sense of style at all? Do you think you have some sort of style, but would like to discover your true authenticity? Would you like to improve your authentic style to be reflective in all or certain areas of your life in order to experience greater joy, achieve financial success and have the lifestyle you desire?

Here are 3 phases to revealing your authentic style so you can have the abundant lifestyle you desire: 


Many times when someone asks us what would we like or what do we want, we can be indecisive or inclined to say what we don't want or what we don't like, rather than express what we do like or want instead. To begin to discover your style, make a list of your favorite things, including but not limited to; your favorite colors, favorite foods, favorite music, favorite books and favorite places to travel. Ideally, where do you prefer to live? How would you decorate your home? What kinds of cars would you drive? 

Get as detailed as you can about describing what you want and like. Then get specific about every detail. If you didn't have to settle for anything, if money were not an issue, what would you consider to be your ideal lifestyle? Be decisive. Get excited. Hiring a style coach or an image consultant can help lead you on the path of discovery. This phase represents drawing the blueprint to lay the foundation toward building your authentic style.


Everyone has some measure of style. The key is defining your own style and working it to your advantage in a way that will be beneficial to yourself and others without bringing harm to anyone in return. Take a nice long look in the mirror. What do you see? Pay close attention to your physical attributes. What are your strongest features that you can enhance to positively display your authentic style [men included] regarding your appearance? Perhaps certain colors and cuts look best on you. 

Likewise, take inventory of your natural talents and skills. Explore your capabilities. Experiment with various ways to carry out your tasks in a manner that has your uniqueness written all over it. For example, if you have a way with words through speaking or writing, tap into creative ways to express yourself in order to inspire and captivate your listening or reading audience even more.

Do what continues to work for you. Be comfortable. Be comfortable enough to challenge yourself to fine tune and tweak your style. Master your abilities. Think of defining and enhancing your authentic style similar to a contractor building a house or a painter completing a masterpiece. This phase represents adding your own signature and seal of approval to define your authentic style.


Whether you are lounging at home, going to work, shopping at the mall or grocery store, working out at the gym or attending a wedding or special event, create a measure of continuity in your overall style to reflect the best version of who you are. If you are in an informal or formal setting at any given time, your authentic style will be displayed in the way you do things and how you reveal yourself to the world. 

Be bold. Take favorable risks to express your authentic style. If you like sparkle and bling, let it shine. If you prefer simplicity and elegance, go classic. If you prefer colors that pop, splash it on. If you are a casual country or shabby chic kind of person, show off your retro or vintage flare. If urban contemporary is your thing, be your ultra-modern self. If you are mostly a sporty person, put on your athletic finesse.

Over time, your likes and preferences may change, thus changing your style at different stages in your life.This phase represents exponential growth to upgrade and evolve your authentic style.


The small details reflective of your authentic style can reveal so much about you and the lifestyle you choose for yourself. 

Be reminded of these 3 phases to revealing your authentic style:

1. Focus on what you like

2. Define and enhance your strengths

3. Always represent the best version of you 

You will begin to learn and know more about yourself and will gain the confidence to express and reveal your authentic style with no apologies about enjoying life, being successful and having the abundant lifestyle you desire.

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To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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