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3 Principles To

Master The Art Of Receiving

By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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CHALLENGE Yourself to:


To master the art of receiving is somewhat of an art form in and of itself.

Do you enjoy giving gifts and treating others without expecting anything in return? Are you often considered to be the go-to person that others rely upon for a last minute favor, or to bail them out of a jam? Do you willingly give much of yourself via time, skills, talent, resources or finances to help others accomplish their dreams, goals and endeavors; while ignoring any warning signs that you may need physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, resource or financial replenishment after you’ve poured out and given so much? Do you find it difficult to receive from others whenever an opportunity arises because it’s just not something you’re used to experiencing…hardly ever?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, more than likely you are a constant doer and giver. Being a doer and giver is a great benefit and blessing to others. Giving is a standard practice that should be implemented by all. Likewise, all closed fists [especially those of constant doers and givers] must be open in readiness to receive. 

What does it mean to receive?

To receive means; to come into possession of: acquire, receive a gift; be given, presented with, or paid (something.) 

Perhaps you've had difficulty learning how to receive due to a lack of trust from others regarding past experiences.

For example, perhaps you received a sentimental gift from a family member as a child, only to have it destroyed by a jealous sibling, sold by a parent or guardian cover debts or a habit, or stolen by a visitor or during a home break-in.

Or, perhaps you received a monetary gift from a loved one or friend, only to have them ask for it back soon after because they got mad at you, something unexpected came up that they had to take care of, or they actually didn't expect you to receive and accept it in the first place.

And, perhaps you were told by an employer that you would receive a raise and/or promotion, only to be passed over by someone else on the job with less knowledge and experience, or because you would not engage in returning certain [inappropriate] favors.

Although giving and receiving go hand-in-hand, being on the receiving end can be a HUGE challenge for many who are used to primarily giving, or have been let down whenever they have received from others. Incorporating the following principles into your daily lifestyle can help you become open to receiving from others.

Here are 3 principles you can implement to master the art of receiving:


It’s very difficult to receive when you have become used to doing for yourself, buying for yourself and making it happen for yourself. Many doers and givers may have learned to become resourceful and creative early in life as a means of survival in order to get things done or have what they need or want. It may be natural for them to take it upon themselves to initiate a task or have a do-it-yourself attitude about life because it has been their way of living for so long. As a result, others rely on doers and givers to pull through for them because they know, believe and trust they can and will.

Many doers and givers oftentimes know that when others reach out to them it’s primarily because they need or want something from them, and rarely because they simply care enough to say “hi” to see how they are doing, or to take time out to do for or give to them without expecting anything back in return. Consequently, some doers and givers rarely reach out to others because they don’t want to become a bother or feel like a burden by asking for what they need or want. Doers and givers generally view their measure of receiving through the success of the accomplishments they help others achieve.

If you are a constant doer and giver, know that it's not expected for you to do everything alone all the time. Sure, you can probably do it yourself, however, you don't have to [always] do it yourself. Help is out there for you too -- to ease your burden, streamline the process, and perhaps get things done faster. It’s okay to receive. Know and believe that great favor awaits you. Starting right now…this moment...expect to receive. Expect to receive connections with the right people. Expect to receive more abundance in resources. Expect to receive financial increase. Expect to be ready for and receive divine opportunities.


You must believe in your own value and self-worth. Doers and givers know first-hand through knowledge and experience that if something is free…it really is not free because it still had to cost something, and a price was paid by someone -- whether via their time, skills, resources, or money. Therefore, if doers and givers become accustomed to operating in a constant routine that causes others to have certain expectations of them, they may feel somewhat guilty or ashamed of receiving when someone else actually wants to give them something for free if they don’t believe they are worth it.

Some doers and givers are rarely acknowledged, and may have become taken for granted, taken advantage of and unappreciated by others for so long to the extent that now they are numb to any form of rude, mean or disrespectful treatment displayed toward them, which sadly, has become the norm for many. When constant doers and givers are reluctant toward receiving, they may give responses that sound like the following, “Oh, no thank you.” “I can’t accept this because I don’t deserve it.” “I’m not in a position to pay you for it.” “That’s just too expensive…I don’t need anything that nice.”

Likewise, some doers and givers may have gotten used to freely giving away their skills and talent to family members, friends and acquaintances, and they may not see the possibility of earning a decent income from what they’ve been giving away for free. When someone else recognizes how skilled and talented they are, are willing to become a customer or client and pay them gladly for a product or service, then asks how much will they charge to provide a product or service; oftentimes the responses from the doer or giver may sound like this, “Gosh, I don’t know, no one has ever offered to pay me before.” “This is just a hobby of mine, so you don’t have to pay me anything.” “I’ve never thought about charging for my time. How much do you want to pay me?”

Although your worth is far more valuable than any good deed, tangible item, or amount of money anyone can ever give you, do not short change yourself when you are given a divine opportunity to receive from others who do see your value and want to openly and legitimately celebrate you and your worth. If you already have a proven track record of providing quality and excellence for what you've been doing for free, have confidence in yourself that you can produce and deliver accordingly. Know your worth. Name your price -- whatever that amount is that feels right to you...that you are at peace with -- in exchange for the value you will provide. In return, celebrate yourself and that of which you receive. Gain awareness about your value and worth.


Savor the experience of receiving. Next time someone gives you a genuine compliment -- whether it is about your unique sense of style, your excellent work on a completed project, how well you responded to an unexpected situation or anything else -- take a moment to discern how their words make you feel, and if you are in agreement with what you are being complimented on.

Likewise, next time someone offers you something out of the goodness of their heart with no strings attached – whether it‘s a fellow shopper giving you their place at the check-out line, a friend or colleague treating you out to lunch, a friend or relative giving you gas money for driving them around, a loved one bestowing you with a small token of appreciation or a large expensive gift, take a moment to reflect on how special you are to the person that expressed their sincere thoughtfulness toward choosing to give to you.

Reciprocate. Reach out, open your hands, and graciously receive with deep appreciation and enthusiasm. Smile. Kindly say and express, “Thank You.” Bask in your experience of receiving as the moment in time permits. You’ll discover the next time someone reaches out to give to you, it will be more freeing and enjoyable for you to openly receive.


As a constant doer and giver from the heart, there is nothing wrong with receiving from others who truly desire to give to you without expecting anything in return, and as long as no harm is brought to yourself or others during the process. You may not always receive back from those you have given to, or even in the same way that you have given. However, whoever you receive from, when you receive and what you receive can oftentimes become a rightfully appointed experience in far greater measure in return. 

Receive genuine compliments from others with grace and confidence. Have a sense of enjoyment if you receive a surprise gathering or party in your honor, without thinking it's necessary for you to serve at it. Receive gifts deservedly...and for keeps [that means not giving them back if gift givers ask you to do so later on.] 

Be reminded that you can master the art of receiving by implementing these 3 principles: 

1. Expect to receive

2. Know you are worthy to receive

3. Express gratitude whenever you receive 

Don't be afraid to ask for whatever it is that you want to receive. You have a right to receive, just as much, if not more, than those you have given to for so long. Ultimately, embrace receiving the fulfilling lifestyle you deserve.

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To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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