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3 Primary Aspects Of


By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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CHALLENGE Yourself to:

IMPLEMENT HEALTH 101 Into Your Lifestyle

When you think about being healthy or having good health, what do you initially think of? For some, the thought of losing weight is their idea of having good health. For others, the thought of simply having a stress-free life is their idea of being healthy. For others, the thought of having control over their emotions is being in a healthy state. Ideally for most, all of the above mentioned would be considered being healthy or having a healthy lifestyle overall.

What does health actually mean?

By definition, health is the state of being free from illness or injury; a person's spiritual, mental, or physical condition. To be healthy means to be in good health.

So, how do you get to that place of having overall good health or being a healthy person? 

Here are 3 primary aspects of your overall well-being to nurture daily in order to have a healthy lifestyle:


The spirit is the nonphysical part of a person which is the seat of emotions and character; the soul. First and foremost, you are a spiritual being created by God. As such, your spiritual being is an extension of God, which is energy. The energy you emit attracts the people and things in your life. The energy you emit can also repel that which is not in your life. 

Spending quality time in the presence of God daily, especially through prayer and meditation, can help you receive proper guidance and direction for your life. As you allow your spirit to tap into God your Source, you can gain spiritual clarity and awareness on how to take appropriate action to achieve the abundant lifestyle you desire. Regardless of any setting, environment or situation you may find yourself in, your inner spirit will remain constant. Your spirit is heart-centered, the core essence of your being -- of who you are.


The mind is a set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory. It is usually defined as the faculty of an entity's thoughts and consciousness. Your mind is thought-centered. Whatever you think about the most is what you will eventually act on. What you act on will result in the choices you make in life, whether it is in what you say and do, or not say and do. The choices you make in life will result in the lifestyle you attain. 

Although some experiences in life may be beyond your control, you do have the ability to change what you can control. It's so easy to be angry, mad or resentful when someone has disappointed, hurt or betrayed you, however you do not have to remain in an unhealthy state of mind. You have free will of choice. Have the free will to choose to forgive yourself for any mistakes or unwise choices you have made. Choose to forgive those who have wronged you. Learn the lessons from your experiences. 

Seek professional help if necessary. Reflect on thoughts of joyful memories. Focus on thoughts about what you want, rather than what you don't want. Speak life to challenging circumstances. Take inspired action daily that will lead you closer to achieving your desired goals. Do in-depth research to understand how the mind works. Keep your mind stimulated by learning something new daily that can add value to your life and to the lives of others, without bringing harm to yourself or anyone else in the process.


The body is a physical structure of a person or an animal, including the bones, flesh, and organs. Oftentimes, when we want to be healthy, we may concentrate mainly on our body image by trying to lose weight (sometimes through unhealthy dieting) in order to look healthy outwardly. However, there is more value your body has to offer that goes far beyond just looking healthy. 

Your body is the vessel that houses your mind and spirit. As such, it is important to care for your body internally and externally and actually be healthy. Get to know your body by leaning how your body's anatomy works and the best ways to care for your body from the inside out, including your organs, limbs, hair, skin and nails. 

Learn about vitamins and minerals, and how your body can benefit from them. Eat nutritious foods, drink plenty of water, exercise and get proper sleep. The more you understand about your body and how it works, the more you will appreciate working smart to care for your body in order to maintain vitality and longevity.


Do you genuinely desire to nurture your overall health and well-being?

Be reminded of these 3 primary aspects of your overall health and well-being to nurture daily:

1. Spirit

2. Mind

3. Body

Collectively, your spirit, mind and body work together. If any aspect of your overall well-being is neglected or not functioning in a healthy state, your life may seem off-balance -- you may feel out of place, as if you do not belong or fit in. Prioritize your time to work on your spirit, mind and body daily. When you take proactive measures to nurture your spirit, mind and body on a daily basis, you will have an abundantly healthy lifestyle.

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To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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