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Ronda Phillips is known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism. Throughout the years, Ronda's entrepreneurship and leadership background as a trainer, certified life coach and mentor; business startup and image consultant; meeting and event planner; website creator, social media director and email/content marketer; freelance copywriter, author and speaker; combined with her personal life experiences; have helped pave the way for her to become easily approachable and available to those who are led in her path, and she is a natural at helping others become empowered.

As founder of Dare To Outdo Yourself!, Ronda Phillips is a trusted authority known as the "Dare To Outdo Yourself!" empowerment life coach and speaker. Ronda is creator host, and producer of the empowering television talk show, Dare to Outdo Yourself! As well, Dare to Outdo Yourself! is an abundant lifestyle online platform designed to empower entrepreneurs to be, do, and have their absolute best in all areas of their life. 

Ronda's professional expertise has already challenged and impacted countless individuals to achieve greater success in life. Ronda's unique core belief system consists of basic principles and strategies that are designed to help propel individuals to "prepare, perform and persist" in order to be, do, and have his or her own best in life through the highest conceivable means by comparing and competing with no one other than "self." Ronda is a highly sought after keynote speaker, coach, trainer, facilitator, and host of various leadership and personal development seminars, workshops, conferences, training sessions, and other programs and events nationwide.

Additionally, Ronda is a style expert. She is also executive producer, story editor, and casting director for the emotionally heart-wrenching live stage play production,

The Scar. She is a gifted writer, and coauthor of the inspiring novel, Journey’s Pathway, as well as author of the personal development ebook, PE Class Workout Guide. 

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Dare to Outdo Yourself! is an abundant lifestyle online platform that provides valuable services, content and recommended resources designed to empower entrepreneurs to be, do and have their absolute best in all areas of their life.

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