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10 Classic Rules Of Success

By Ronda Phillips I Dare to Outdo Yourself!

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When you see other people having success and thriving in certain areas of their life, do you wonder how they do it? 

Perhaps you may admire others who appear to have the ideal career, marriage, home, cars, etc., oftentimes imagining what it may feel like to walk in their shoes. To you, they seem to have it all together because it looks like they are living large.

On the other hand, do you feel unsuccessful in some areas of your life due to certain shortcomings, even though you may be thriving in other areas? Do you have a tendency to define your success by the success of others -- or find that others often try to measure your success in comparison to their success?

For example, if you consider yourself to be the most loving spouse or parent at home, but are living pay check to pay check, you may not have the financial means to live in an exclusive neighborhood, drive an expensive vehicle, eat out at fancy restaurants, or take exotic vacations like some of your family members, friends, or acquaintances. As a result, you may not view yourself as having success. 

As another example, if you consider yourself to be a tycoon with a very lucrative career earning billions of dollars, but have a dependency toward alcohol or drug use, others may view you as having success because of your money. However, you may not have an opportunity to fully enjoy the money or the lifestyle it can provide due to jeopardizing your health with vices that could reduce your life span.

So, what is success?

Success is defined as, the accomplishment of an aim or purpose; the attainment of popularity or profit; a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity.

The funny thing though, is that oftentimes when we try to measure the success of others by what we see externally -- the tangible and material things; and likewise, when others try to measure how successful we appear them; no one really has definitive knowledge as to what anyone has had to go through to achieve any measure of success attained. We can easily assume and speculate how someone else got what they have, unless we have been in the midst of every waking moment of their life 24/7.

No one knows the depth and magnitude of what another person has had to endure in order to achieve their own measure of success. Perhaps some have spent countless hours to develop their talent from an early age since childhood. Others may have studied all hours of the night over the course of several years to attain their education and credentials. And others may have burned the midnight oil to hone in on their skills and knowledge in order to further their long awaited career. Yet others have learned from one experience after another -- going through the ups and downs of building their own business while trying to maintain [their sanity], manage their household, all while also developing quality relationships with others, including their significant other, children and close family and friends.

How to you define success?

Most would agree that having an opportunity to experience success in all areas of one's life would be most rewarding and fulfilling. However, success is not defined or measured the same way by all. Based upon the ideal lifestyle you envision and would like to achieve for yourself, how do you define success? What steps are you currently taking in order to allow and accept success in all areas of your life?

Perhaps you may be wondering...

Is it even doable to have success in all areas of your life? Is it possible? Is it achievable? -- Yes it is.

If the steps you've been taking to achieve success aren't quite working for you, then by all means, please read on...

In 1848 Andrew Carnegie arrived to the United States with barely any money. In 1901 he became the wealthiest man in the world by use of a specific success formula. Napoleon Hill, author of the classic, Think and Grow Rich, interviewed Andrew Carnegie in 1908, and the following information [expounded upon] is an adapted compilation of what Carnegie shared regarding his 10 rules of success, which still remain relevant to date. Applying these timeless and classic rules to all areas of your life can help you attain favorable and desired outcomes that will lead to experiencing greater fulfillment and rewarding success.

Here are 10 classic rules of success that you can implement into all areas of your life: 


Be absolutely certain about the reason, agenda, or intention as to why you want to do a thing, along with the expected outcome. Have a plan of action and start immediately.

In order to know what you want, where you want to go and how you will get there, you've got to prepare yourself. It's difficult to start anything when you don't know what you want to do -- when you don't have purpose.


Contact and work with people who have what you haven’t. Likewise, be willing to offer to others what you have that they haven't.

As a reminder, everyone's measure of success may vary. Therefore, the resources you consider to be of value, may not necessarily be of value to others, especially at that time. Be clear about what you need and the direction you are taking in order to determine who can or is willing to help you, and how you can help them in a valuable way in return. 


Always add quality and value to what you say and do so others will benefit in return.

Perhaps you've heard the saying, "Under promise and over deliver." In all that you do, make a conscious effort to do slightly more than what is expected of you or what would be considered the "norm."

For example, if you give someone instruction, let your words be golden -- filled with genuine wisdom that will propel them to take right action. If you want someone to meet with you to get their advice, treat them to lunch. If you are shipping a product to a customer, add a surprise mystery gift that can be of practical use. If you make someone ice cream, add a few sprinkles with a cherry on top. Do you get the idea? 


Believe in yourself and your purpose so you will fully act with confidence. The more you take inspired action to do a thing, the more experience you gain, and the better you become at doing it.

Perhaps you've heard the saying, "Practice makes perfect." When there is inconsistency in what you do, your momentum can decrease drastically. However, when you are reminded that you have what it takes to accomplish your endeavors and remain excited about the end result of what you desire to achieve, the more likely you will continually press forward. 


Do what you have to do without being told. Discipline yourself daily to remain consistent and diligent in following through with your efforts.

Before you go to bed at night, write out a list of realistic goals you plan to accomplish the next day. Devise a plan as to how you will accomplish each goal for the next day. When the next day arrives, establish a set time and routine to accomplish your goals throughout the day, and do it. Stick to it. Repeat the process for the next day. And the next...


If you conceive it in your mind, it can be achieved. Do not limit your beliefs or potential. Challenge yourself to step out and do the extraordinary.

You may be afraid of failing. You may even be of afraid of success. You may be afraid that everyone else will think you're crazy. Think about every area of your life, and imagine living it in the highest measure that would bring you the most joy. How excited would you be? What would you do? Who are you willing to talk to that can help you achieve your dream? What are you willing to do to achieve your dream without jeopardizing yourself or anyone else? When will you take the first step? And the next? And the next? Do it afraid. Steer your imagination in a BIG way.


Maintaining an optimistic attitude will set you up for success and win the respect of others.

Even when you are minding your own business, others are watching you, whether you see them or not -- directly or indirectly. Family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, social media followers -- they have their eyes and ears on you. 

Always be serious about what you set out to do. Do what you do with integrity. Have a motivating factor to remind yourself of why you do what you do. Think about the financial freedom you can attain. Think about your family and the quality time you can have with each other. Think about yourself making an impact that can add value and quality to countless people. Think about the end result of how your goal or endeavor (small or large) can shape the world in a positive way. Get excited. Be excited. Stay excited. Others will support you when they see consistency in your efforts and the excitement you have about fulfilling your goals. 


Have the ability to separate fact from fiction and use what’s pertinent to your own concerns or problems. 

It's important to be of sound mind in order to be successful. If you are unsure about the next approach to take toward accomplishing your endeavor, do some research. Unfortunately, everyone may not have your back. There are people who may be jealous or envious of what you have or the direction you are taking to achieve success. Others may lie or try to deceive you in order to intentionally throw you off course or to see you fail.

Be mindful of the company you choose to keep. Refrain from engaging in gossip. Listen to those who give you advice, while being discerning of who has your well being and best interests at heart during the process. Ask good questions from trusted sources. Remain objective. Be sober minded when making important decisions. 


Don’t become distracted from the most important task you’re facing. Make it a priority to remain focused on completing every goal or endeavor to the very end.

When an action that needs to be taken may be time consuming or not so exciting, you may find yourself procrastinating and putting off what needs to be done. Stick to an action plan so you will not be thrown off course. If others want you to put off what you're doing in order to have fun with them, remind them of the importance of you accomplishing your endeavor, and that you'll be glad to hang out once the work is done. If others genuinely care about how important it is for you to accomplish your goal, they will understand and respect your wishes. Let this be an incentive to reward yourself afterward by maintaining your focus to follow through with achieving your endeavor.


Empower yourself to learn from and benefit by, every setback you experience, and turn it into a comeback. 

At the onset of facing what would seem like the most challenging and devastating circumstance in your life, you may feel like the only thing for you to do in that moment is run away and hide so you'll never be seen or heard from again. If someone betrays you and you feel humiliated, ashamed or embarrassed, don't give up. If someone rejects you or your offer to add value to their life, no worries -- it's their loss. You cannot change what has already happened. However, take time to process what you could have done differently, and do things in a certain way that will yield better results if facing a similar experience going forward.


So as you can see, there is a process to achieving success. Applying certain rules of success may be difficult for you at first. Implementing just one rule of success into your life -- starting with the first rule -- can be an overwhelming task in and of itself. Perhaps there are some rules of success that you have already implemented, yet you may have become inconsistent with following through. Do you believe you are now ready to upgrade your life? If so...

Be reminded to consistently and categorically implement the following 10 classic rules of success into all areas of you life:

1. Define your purpose

2. Create a "mastermind alliance"

3. Go the extra mile

4. Practice applied faith

5. Have personal initiative

6. Indulge your imagination and think BIG

7. Exert enthusiasm

8. Think accurately

9. Concentrate your effort

10. Profit from adversity

You will begin to see success manifest in your life. You will ultimately achieve the successful lifestyle you desire.

The eBook, PE Class Workout Guide authored by Ronda Phillips is a personal development and self improvement resource that can also help position you to be productive during the day. The ebook also includes Purpose and Empowerment Right Now Declarations, which provides hundreds of declarations to help remind you of who you are and that the best is still to come in your life. This recommended resource also includes a Manifestation Evaluation, Manifestation Equation, and Daily Manifestation Worksheet. This ebook is also an ideal keepsake gift for someone you care about. You can go here to discover more about the eBook,PE Class Workout Guide.

To Your Empowerment!

Known for her creative style, positive influence and straightforward professionalism, Ronda Phillips is a certified life coach,author, speaker, television host, style expert and entrepreneur. Her core mission is to empower and challenge individuals to become propelled to take charge of their life through preparation, performance and persistence. Ronda is the founder of Dare to Outdo Yourself!

Prepare. Perform. Persist.

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